Kashenberg Ostrow Hayward
Library and Cultural Center

(916) 485-4143
2300 Sierra Blvd
Sacramento, CA, 95825

After leaving his childhood home in Montreal, Hy Kashenberg traveled and worked in many foreign and American locales before settling in Reno, Nevada more than 30 years ago. A self-taught 'Renaissance' man, Hy has been a key leader and benefactor in the business, civic and Jewish communities in his adopted home. Lucky for us, Hy remains a traveling man, and has a home away from home with the Mosaic Law Congregational family. His passion for learning, his business acumen, and his friendship with the Ostrows and Haywards led to his vital role in founding the library and cultural center that bears his name. He considers the KOH LCC at the top of his long list of outstanding accomplishments.